Why Mangoes Are The New Chocolates On Weddings

By Carole Laruelle

Mangoes definitely top off my list when my friends and I go out to a party or just a very simple lunch out. Every one of them loves how I prepare my mangoes. Be it preserved, fresh or baked, it sure is a hit. In our past picnics, they've been requesting for my mango cheesecake. The cream cheese compliments the mangoes really well due to the fact that the sour taste blends well and balances the sweetness of the ripe mangoes I use. There aren't lots of mango trees around so they cost a bit higher than the fruits that are usually available all year long. This fruit is also more available during the summer when the temperature's kind of hot.

My friend is a wedding coordinator so I get to suggest the best mango recipes that can be served on the wedding reception. Since the first time that a couple from across the block tried to have mangoes as part of their entree, word has spread out and the next thing I knew, I have been getting loads of orders for wedding receptions for mango pies, mango cakes, mango jelly and mango tarts.

Among the bestsellers that I've been making for wedding receptions, I fancy mango pies the most especially if it has peaches to go with it. I presume it's a lot better than apple pie. The smaller version of it is the mango tart which you could serve to guests individually. It is basically better off since your guests would not have to slice off pies themselves which is a little inconvenient for them. Another delightful recipe that I was able to perfect is the mango mousse. It's a very simple recipe since it is whipped up similar to the way you make a chocolate mousse. It replaces cakes easily because they both have exactly the same texture and you can easily build it looking like a cake.

The only difference is that as opposed to a dark, chocolatey mousse, you get a light yellow mousse that you could load with mangoes on top. If you wish it to be a bit more colorful, you may add slices of strawberries and kiwi on top of it and you have your own type of the mango mousse. It is virtually limitless as you design your own mousse because you can add whatever you want to make your mango mousse look and taste more exceptional and magnificent. One thing that I'm interested of making is a mango pudding. I have not seen anyone make one of those. Not even in pastry shops. Perhaps people aren't ready yet to risk making a mango pudding.

I mean, why not? A mango pudding sounds good. Everyone was also skeptical over the truth that mango pies could replace apple pies before and they were afraid to experiment on making a lot of it. We do not have to limit our taste to the regular and traditional recipes that we are generally accustomed to have. I have even tried ingesting green mangoes with cooked shrimp paste and it was just as heavenly as any other appetizers I've tasted.

You can never go wrong with a simple mango recipe simply because mangoes normally flavorful and you don't have to produce a new taste just to make it delicious. You just need to think of more ways to prepare it. If you ever feel that you are a little too scared to play around with mango recipes, I strongly suggest you start off with making a mango shake to warm up, then try whipping some cream, add mangoes and you've got an instant mango mousse. It's really a healthy and delicious fruit intended to undoubtedly leave your friends asking for more. - 32187

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How to Handle Seafood Safely

By Ken Kudra

Seafood is an important part of any healthy diet. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, high quality protein, and many other essential nutrients your body needs. In order to get the most out of your seafood, however you need to handle it properly. Follow these basic food safety tips to make sure your seafood is as tasty when you eat it as it was when you bought it.

At any fish counter, the seafood should be displayed either refrigerated or on a bed of fresh ice, that shows no signs of melting. The case should be covered and smell clean, not fishy. Look at the seafood. When you look at a whole fish, the eyes should be clear and slightly bulged. There are only a few types of fish with naturally cloudy eyes, like walleye pike.

Both fillets and whole fish should have flesh that is firm and shiny. The gills should be a nice bright red and there should be no evidence of slime. Dull colored meat could mean the fish has been sitting there too long. If you press the meat with your finger, it should spring back. Fillets should not look like they are drying out or darkening around the edges. There should be no yellow or green discoloration and there should be no areas that look dry or mushy.

When you are shopping for shellfish, ask to see the label or tag that came with it. Sacks of live shellfish are tagged and labels are put on containers of shucked shellfish. These tags inform you about the processor's certification number, the size of the seafood and more.

Throw out any clams, mussels, or oysters that have cracked or broken shells. Tap on the whole ones to see if they are alive. Living shellfish will close up when tapped. If they do not close, do not buy them. Crabs and lobsters that are bought alive should show leg movement. They spoil extremely quickly, so buying live is the only way to guarantee really fresh meat.

Store your seafood safely once you get it home. If you will be using it within two days after buying it, you can safely put it in the refrigerator. If you will be serving it after two days, freeze it after wrapping it tightly. Living seafood should be eaten quickly... the same day as purchase if possible. Thaw frozen seafood gradually in the fridge overnight. Always wash your hands, cutting board and knives to prevent cross contamination.

Whether you are making seafood appetizers or a full meal, you should always be sure your seafood is cooked properly. Fish should be opaque and flaky when done. Shrimp and lobster will turn a lovely pearl opaque color. Scallops are a firm milk white. Clams, oysters, and mussels are done as soon as their shells pop open. Those that do not open should not be eaten. Do not overcook your seafood either.

These steps will help ensure that your seafood turns out perfectly. Your guests and family need to have a meal that is not only delicious, but also safe to eat. The worst that can happen is that someone gets sick from your food. These simple rules will keep your seafood safe and delicious. - 32187

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The Wide World of Appetizers

By Ken Kudra

People love to eat appetizers in every country of the world. In some places, appetizers are recognized as a meal on their own. We are lucky enough to be able to pick and choose from appetizer recipes all over the world and enjoy eating them. You can even use techniques from two different cuisines and do a fusion appetizer. Be creative and use your imagination!

In China, appetizers are called dim sum. This category of recipes covers a wide range of dishes. In some authentic Chinese restaurants, you can order dim sum and choose the dishes you want off of a rolling cart. Dim sum can also be served at parties. You can order it from a catering company, some Chinese restaurants or you can learn to make it yourself. Japanese sushi can also be used as appetizers. There are many different types of sushi and each one can be eaten in one or two bites. Indian satay and other exotic dishes from India can be used as appetizers. They may include seafood, chicken or spicy vegetables.

You may have tried antipasto in an Italian restaurant. Antipasto means "before the meal." Also known as antipasti, it is usually made of dried meats, cheeses, sun dried tomatoes or salads. You could also serve up slices of bread that can be dipped in fresh olive oil or you can set a bowl of delicious seasoned olives on the table.

Tapas is the name for appetizers in Spain. They have truly elevated appetizers into an art form in this country. Tapas bars are very popular for their fabulous appetizers that are served with their alcoholic beverages. Some people even eat these appetizers as a full meal. It is said that tapas were developed when King Alfonso X made a law that wine must be served with food to prevent drunkenness.

Appetizers are known by many names. In the United Kingdom, they are known as starters. In France, you can get amuse-bouche, hors d'oeuvres or canaps. In Sweden, it is smorgasbord. Swedish appetizers may include eel, herring, or salmon as frequently as they may include butter, bread, and cheese. In fact, traditional Swedish smorgasbord serves you cold foods and then hot foods, and then cold foods and so on until the meal is over.

Greek and Middle Eastern appetizers are known as "meze." Many are deep-fried and served with creamy dips made from fresh yogurt. In South and Central America, you can find seafood in many appetizers. Shrimp is often used, as it is already bite sized and delicious. Tortillas are also very popular, especially with dip. In the Caribbean, coconut chips are a common appetizer.

When you are choosing appetizers to serve, you can look through recipes from all over the world. Many are very easy appetizers to make. Why spend the entire party in the kitchen when you can enjoy yourself? You can even use appetizers as the sole source of food at your party.

It is lots of fun to use recipes from all over the world. You get to use your favorite ingredients and cuisines. Preparing for your party will be practically stress free so you can enjoy yourself. You and your guests can work your way around the world one bite at a time. - 32187

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Healthy Snacks

By Ken Kudra

Just because you have promised to eat healthy doesn't mean you need to torture yourself during the holidays or at snack time. You may see others eating lots of sugary treats, but you know that's not good for you. You can still enjoy lots of snacks and appetizers that taste great and are good for you. Serve some to your friends at your next party and see how quickly they are eaten.

One easy option that does your body good is salsa. Make a nice chunky salsa with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and peaches. It is extremely colorful and easy to make. Serve it up in a bowl with toasted tortillas or chips as a snack. For an appetizer, just put a small spoon of salsa on a chip and set the chip on a platter. Repeat until the platter is full. No one will be able to resist this colorful dish!

If you are talented with your food preparation, make some California rolls. Everyone loves fresh crab. You can pick up nori, the dried seaweed used to roll up the sushi at your local Asian store. This delicious type of sushi is a great snack or even a light lunch. Make some for a party and let your guests ooh and ahh over your culinary skills.

Bruschetta is a great light snack. Toast a few slices of French bread until they are brown. Top it off with some chopped tomatoes and herbs. Melt a little cheese on it if you wish. This will get rid of the munchies! You can also make up a bunch and serve them at a party or gathering as an appetizer. The same goes for a healthy pizza recipe. Cook one up for a light meal or snack. For easy appetizers, just cut the pizza into bite size pieces and serve.

If salad is a favorite, this is an easy one. Make up a healthy green salad with all the fixings. Chop everything so they are in small, easy bites. Toss it with your favorite dressing. Sit down and have your snack or meal! If you need some fast appetizers, just take several whole lettuce leaves. Spoon some salad onto each one and roll it up. Salad roll ups! Fasten it with a fancy toothpick and you are ready for the party! It's even a nice healthy dish!

If you like to snack on finger foods, snack time is simple. Pour out a can of olives. Slice up some cheese. Take out the box of cherry tomatoes you bought at the store. Put them on a plate and you can pick and choose what flavor you want next. To make this snack party friendly, try putting these ingredients on small skewers. This makes noshing portable and easy.

When you're planning your Easter appetizers you can do the same thing. Appetizers don't have to be spendy. They don't have to be full of fat and sugar. You can easily put together some appetizers that look great and taste wonderful. Give your diners a healthy appetizer to whet their appetite with. These quick and easy appetizers are much faster to prepare for parties you are invited to as well. Spread good health.

These snacks take only minutes to make. They are good for you and cause you less stress. They give your body what it needs to be healthy and happy. Try some of these great snacks and appetizers and see how you feel afterwards. - 32187

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Watch Around For Candy Snacks Near A Couch

By Aimee Jones

This is a call to anyone who likes candy. In case you prefer to save your life, you should possibly stop eating candy as often as you do. It's producing you fat. It is generating you stupid, and most of all it's producing your whole life sort of a mess. To have your attention now?

Snack food and candy is so prevalent in today world that you can go to a store like Wal-Mart and not see rows upon rows of what amounts to just plain candy. With internal bars, even though those are supposed to be healthy. The are really kind of the candy snack.

Even energy drinks and energy bars that are supposed to be wholesome and improve athletic performance are just another type of candy too. Gatorade, the most widely used employed sports drink in existence other than maybe water is full of high for the score and syrup and sugar. Actually, it doesn't have considerably sugar simply because they use so considerably corn syrup instead.

These things have such a detrimental effect on her health of our life and our pocket book that it's causing significant problems for our country. Yet, they are so cheap in seemingly inoffensive on their own. It's hard to say that they are the problem even if they really are. People just don't want to hear that.

So, have you ever thought about how significantly wrapping tape or an extra garbage is generated by snack food and junk food? Think about something as popular soda pop. Coca-Cola and Pepsi alone are most likely responsible billions of aluminum cans that end up in line landfills that surround our cities across the entire country and maybe even the world. Even worse, the level of plastic that's utilised for pop bottles. Now is so significantly that we are stuck with millions of pounds of junk that, can't you be easily recyclable.

Inside the end, even though Candy seems like a genuinely cheap thing. It actually has extremely negative consequences on our whole ecosystem. Should you factor from the volume of trash. The volume of damaging health effects, and the quantity of other complications caused by candy in sweeteners, you start to realize that it is just a definitely big problem.

In fact, it's such a problem that the government has at various times even sought to create attacks on such things. Now, I'm not one to say whether or not, that would be a good idea, but I will say that it's significantly affecting people in a negative way. Based on that, I can't say that it's the worst idea I've ever heard. - 32187

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Party Food

By Ken Kudra

No matter the season, there is always time for a party! Great parties need great food. One of the biggest issues when you are planning a party is how much food do you really need. There is a good general rule of thumb to follow when you are trying to feed a crowd.

Are you planning a casual party with appetizers or a formal dinner? Your decision will affect the amount of food you need. For a full dinner, you should plan for at least a pound and a half of food per guest. If you are doing finger foods only, you should plan for about a pound of food per guest. Take into account that your final numbers will need to be adjusted if your friends have a big appetite or not.

For appetizers, the average guest tends to eat 5 pieces per hour for the first two hours of a party and three per hour for each hour longer that the party lasts. Following this average, you would need about 130 appetizers for a group of ten people hanging out for three hours. If you are also planning a meal, you can cut back on the appetizers a bit.

If you like fondue, this is a great party appetizer. You should plan on a single guest eating about 20 bread cubes that are 1 inch each in size. This is about half of a French bread loaf. If you are serving other foods for fondue, consider that one person can eat 6 ounces of seafood, 4 to 6 ounces of cheese, 4 cookies, or 6 to 8 ounces of meat, fruit, or veggies. Be sure to prepare generously... it is better to have leftovers than not enough.

All that food will make people thirsty. About one gallon of punch can serve ten people. This calculation figures each person will have three 4-ounce servings. You may want to make more if you think you will need it. If you are planning on a cocktail party, you will want to figure that each guest will average two drinks per person per hour for the first two hours of your party, then one drink per hour for the rest of the party.

You will want to stock about 1 pound of ice per person if the drinks will be served "on the rocks." If you are having a party in the heat of the summer, you will need much more than that per person. Do not forget to have enough napkins to allow for snacking or small plates if you prefer.

You will want to plan on at least a couple of easy party appetizers to start off any party. Your guests will enjoy having some light snacks even if you are planning a meal. You can make many appetizers ahead of time so you are not too rushed. Planning your party should begin several weeks in advance and preparation can begin earlier in the week.

If your party is more spur of the moment, you can always keep a few easy appetizer recipes on hand with some basic ingredients. You will be able to whip some up quickly as everyone arrives. - 32187

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The Quick And Easy Way To Have A Happier Healthier Workplace

By Bill Ward

There is no doubt that a happy, healthy workplace is a productive one. However, many employers and employees alike are unsure just how to go about achieving optimal health at work. A healthy work environment can be achieved in many ways, and to ensure the greatest benefit to the staff it is important to address as many of these aspects as possible. This article is intended to highlight some of the most important ways in which to create a healthier working environment.

Staff are less likely to feel stressed in a more flexible working environment. One way in which to increase the flexibility of a working environment is to provide employees with the opportunity to have more of a say in how they go about completing tasks and when the tasks should be carried out. In order to achieve a more flexible working environment good communication is necessary. If an employee feels that there is something he does not agree with about the work environment, they should feel free to communicate their concerns to a supervisor. By discussing any issues together hopefully they will be able to find a solution to the problem.

Good health at work can be achieved by encouraging healthy living whilst actually at work. Some offices may even install a gymnasium or fitness center on the premises for employees to use during working hours. Another great idea is to actively promote a healthy life style by giving out health foods such as fresh fruit and whole grain cereal bars. Some employees should be given assistance to help them quit smoking or lose weight.

In order to be as productive as possible it is extremely important for the working environment to be safe. Repetitive strain injuries and back pain can be avoided by ensuring that all equipment and furnishings are ergonomically friendly. In order to be as productive as possible employers need to minimize the amount of time staff are absent from work due to injuries and other medical conditions. By preventing problems before they arise a more efficient, healthier working environment can be achieved.

Work schedules play an important role in ensuring a healthy work environment. It is important to set the amount of time off for holiday and illnesses for the whole year. The amount of stress that employees have to deal with can be reduced by a more flexible timetable. Staff who have young children should be allowed to work around the times when taking them and collecting them from school.

One of the most important factors that goes into ensuring a healthy, productive environment at work is the relationship between staff and management. Some supervisors are hesitant when it comes to trying to deal with personal problems that a member of staff may be having. These issues may well affect the performance of the employee. Therefore, it is much better if the supervisor does try to offer support to the employee.

Promoting the good health of employees goes a long way to establishing a productive and friendly work environment. When necessary, managers should provide as much assistance and support to their members of staff so that they can work more efficiently. The benefits of such efforts will include a more pleasant work place for the staff who work there. - 32187

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